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Creating AEM Content Packages with Groovy Console

For those who (like me) sometimes need to create content packages of content using a list of tens or hundreds of paths. At best, using AEM’s package manager is tedious, but at worst, it is many, many wasted minutes of clicking. Many developers would resort to creating one by hand by doing lots of copy/paste. […]

Schedule Business Logic in Oracle Sales Cloud

In the Past In previous releases of OSC, if a record needs to update based on custom business logic then we may have to rely on external code that executes the logic and update the records in OSC through web services or update using batch data load. Now with R12 and R13, this approach has changed, […]

How to Use Groovy in a Mule Application

Mule ESB has been arguably the most popular and efficient open source Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) available in the market and its rich options of connectors, routers, filters, error handlers, transformers supporting multiple languages like java, JavaScript, groovy, python and ruby has elevated it to the indisputable ESB of the digital era. In September 2016, […]