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All-Natural and Highly Scalable: Whole Foods + Amazon

Back in 1999 (the year that Whole Foods opened its 100th store), Amazon invested heavily in a grocery delivery startup called HomeGrocer. Sales peaked at $1.5 million per day, but unfortunately HomeGrocer couldn’t stay fresh past the dot-com expiration date. Eighteen years later, two of the most iconic brands in the modern era may join […]

The next big thing in eCommerce…Grocery!

The food and beverage category is the largest retail category in the United States at $600 billion per year, Business Insider reports[1] and technology has transformed the way consumers purchase things in many industries. iTunes allows consumers to gather music and purchase music from wherever they are, Amazon gives shoppers the ability to view, select and […]

Retail Catches Up to IT

Baseline Magazine has an article about the purchase experience catching up to technology capabilities.  Personally, I think anything that improves checkout time is well worth the effort. his may soon change. Apple—which has already eliminated POS terminals in its stores and provides e-receipts—rolled out its EasyPay service on November 8. It allows customers to scan […]