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Visual Storytelling: Create Meaningful Gifs

Use Gifs to Increase Your Marketing Efforts This post is the second in the Visual Storytelling series. See the first post, How to Design Eye-Catching Graphics. If a picture is worth a thousand words, how much more valuable could a gif be? Gifs (aka Graphics Interchange Formats) are short, repeated video clips that have modernized […]

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Visual Storytelling: Design Eye-Catching Graphics

Leverage Graphics to Showcase Your Digital Brand In our media-first world, enhancing your content with visuals is critical in connecting with your audience. Using visual media, like graphics, gifs, and infographics help publicize your brand, grow your online following, and even influence whether or not you make the sale. However, with a myriad of creative […]

Cinemagraphs: Add Life To Your Imagery

Stock imagery doesn’t need to be boring. When working within budget constraints, there are still ways to make your design pop. One way to do that is through the use of cinemagraphic photos. A cinemagraph combines still photography with video elements to create something that is more that a photo, but not quite video. The […]

Beyond the Bar Chart

I liked Karen’s inspiring post about infographics and would like to follow that up with some added thoughts. Anyone can find research online and flow it into a bar or pie chart. It takes thoughtful craftsmanship to review data and compile a design with a distinct look and point of view. I have four criteria […]

#IdeaNotebook: Infographics

My previous post on MyPlate demonstrated my interest in infographics and the user experience they offer. Some are definitely richer, more successful, and more compelling than others. Joe Chernov shares how designers rate success in “16 Experts Answer, “What makes a great infographic?” In addition to the good points these experts note, great infographics can […]