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Holiday Prep for Your Google Shopping Ads #4: Campaign Priorities

The same product can display in different campaigns and categories. You need to control which products show under which campaign and when. By utilizing the three campaign priority settings (high, medium, low), you can stack the bid to help prioritized products win more auctions. Here’s what to know about priorities: Google Favors When multiple products […]

Holiday Prep for Your Google Shopping Ads, #3: Titles and Labels

Product titles and descriptions are crucial for long-term success. When people search, they scan and look for whatever matches the text they typed in, often ignoring the rest. Since Google Shopping campaigns aren’t keyword-targeted, making that connection for the shopper requires analysis, optimization, and tweaking of titles and descriptions to include the most common variations of […]

Holiday Prep for Your Google Shopping Ads, Step #2: Promotions

Shopping results are always competitive, but especially during the peak of the holiday shopping rush. Retailers that correctly set their promotional features within Google Shopping have a big advantage during this season, when those with long shopping lists are trying to get the most value for their money. Promoting a sale on your website but not […]

Holiday Prep for Your Google Shopping Ads, #1: Feed Optimization

Companies that excel in Google Shopping all share one thing in common: they have highly detailed, thorough, and timely feeds. According to Google, “…it is essential to provide high-quality data – product data that is fresh, accurate, and comprehensive.” Shopping campaigns don’t target keywords directly, so good feed data is critical and the leading factor […]

What’s Next for Google?

Written by Jay Ratkowski There’s a bottomless well of articles out there predicting the future of Google.  Most of them are written by SEOs, so they talk about things like semantic search, personalization, social integration, etc.  Basically, they talk about how search queries and results will work in the future. While this stuff is interesting […]