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Google Maps Application On Apple Iphone

Navigating the World: Google Maps and Assistive Technologies for Cognitive Disabilities”

Google Maps is a widely used navigation tool that has made traveling and exploring the world more accessible for countless individuals. While it benefits everyone, it is particularly valuable for people with cognitive disabilities. This blog post explores how assistive technologies, combined with the power of Google Maps, can be harnessed to empower individuals with […]

Reverse Geocoding… with a grain of salt

In this post (the first in a series about the Google Maps API), we will take a closer look at how the Geocoding class works with respect to a recent client need.  Their requirement was to generate a cluster of postal addresses surrounding a given central address, so I began with looking over the API […]

Google’s attention to detail – down to a single pixel

I have always been impressed with Google’s attention to detail.  The custom yellow shell around the Google Search Appliance is completely useless, but I suspect it has enhanced the value of their trademark.  GMail’s reminder when you mention an attachment in your message but forget to actually attach a document is downright useful. Two recent examples caught my attention, and […]