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A Global View of Autonomous and Connected Cars

While much of the talk about driverless and connected cars is taking place in the U.S., the trend is global. Countries in Europe, like Germany, have made it a top priority. Countries in Southeast Asia and nations like China are also quickly designing a regulatory environment that can support the growth of such initiatives. However, […]

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BofA CEO Shares 3 Keys To Success For Today’s Banks

Dennis K. Berman, financial editor of The Wall Street Journal, asked one of the simplest, yet greatest questions anyone could ask an executive at a major financial institution. During WSJ’s CFO Network conference, he asked Bank of America Chairman and CEO Brian Moynihan the following: “If you were building a bank today from scratch, what […]

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Estimating Hints for Cognos TM1 Report Development

Typically, a TM1 project will include work to create reports. Most finance groups will have a number of Excel workbooks that they are using for both their forecasting and planning as well as for reporting. These workbooks will become the “templates” for designing your TM1 input sheets and reports. For the reports, you will be […]

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Using Excel for test cases, and alternatives

As observed, many projects are using Excel as the tool to manage test cases and test results, as well as other assets. Admittedly, Excel can work out if these testing assets are properly organized and maintained. However, from a teamwork perspective, Excel can be difficult to work with in this particular area. The fundamental thing […]

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