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Internal Controls are Like a Family

All employees are like a family : Every individual holds various responsibilities to maintain the dignity and respect of their household. It tends to be externally and internally. Externally, there are laws and rules in every country such as traffic rules, economic rules, tax rules, etc established by the government for everyone to abide by. […]

Data Indiscretions

Data loaded into a TM1 or SPSS model will, in most cases, include files consisting of thousands (or hundreds of thousands) of records. It is not reasonable, given the number of fields and records in files of this size, for you to visually inspect all fields in every record (of every file) for missing or […]

Data Mining with IBM SPSS Modeler v15

Having recently completed the course “IBM SPSS Modeler & Data Mining” offered by Global Knowledge, I was looking to find more opportunities to do some modeling with SPSS Modeler. So, when I read in the news recently, about college recruiters using predictive techniques to determine the probability of a particular recruit graduating on time, I […]