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Glass.Mapper Part 2 of 2 – What is New and Changed in Version 5

In the previous post we talked about What Glass Mapper is and How to Use it. In this post I will talk about What’s New and Changed in Glass Mapper 5. You can find a demo solution here. This series on Glass Mapper has been presented at the Atlanta Sitecore User Group and SUG Chennai by me and […]

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Glass.Mapper Part 1 of 2 – What It Is and How to Use It

In this article I will talk about what Glass Mapper is and how to use it, and in the next article I will talk about what’s new and changed in Glass Mapper 5. You can find a demo solution here. This series on Glass Mapper has been presented at the Atlanta Sitecore User Group and SUG Chennai by me […]

Glass Mapper – Mapping Sitecore List Fields

Sitecore has five list field types that Glass Mapper maps: Checklist, Multilist, Multilist with Search, Treelist, and TreelistEx. Out of the box, Glass Mapper supports mapping these field types to two .NET collection types: IEnumerable<T> and IList<T>. In this post I’ll cover how to use Glass Mapper to map your code models to these field types.

Glass Mapper – Map Sitecore Rules Fields

Glass Mapper handles mapping of almost all Sitecore field types to your models, but I discovered one Sitecore field type that Glass Mapper can handle that isn’t well documented: the Rules field type. If you haven’t worked with the Sitecore Rules field type before, Jeff Darchuk has an excellent blog post about the Sitecore rules API that […]

Glass.Mapper Version 4 – Top New Features

I recently discussed a few best practices for utilizing Glass.Mapper for mapping Sitecore content templates to strongly-typed C# objects. I also briefly mentioned that the Glass.Mapper library was upgraded to version 4 this past May. For Sitecore developers, this is significant news, and this release introduced a few great changes worth mentioning: Simplified Nuget Packages: Previous […]

Sitecore Glass.Mapper: Concrete Classes vs Interface Mapping

Glass.Mapper is a great object-relational mapping (ORM) tool built on .NET for the Umbraco and Sitecore platforms. As a Sitecore Platinum Implementation Partner, Perficient and its developers use the best tools available, and Glass.Mapper is right up there in our preferred Sitecore tool belt. As a Sitecore developer interested in using Glass.Mapper, you should consider […]

Show up-to-date content in search results with mapping

I am back to blogging after a long pause – way too modest term for more than 7 months of break. 🙂 But you know the days when you are swamped too deep into the project and don’t do anything other than breathing and work. Everyone, almost everyone, goes through it. Anyway, back to business […]

Testing Sitecore With Test Driven Code

Testing is a necessary difficulty that we all must endure. The practice of Test Driven Development (TDD) doesn’t always make testing easier but I firmly believe it makes the development of software more predictable and reliable. Throughout my career I’ve been a part of many teams, both those disciplined in good testing practices and others […]

Accessing Sitecore items – A structured approach

It is very trivial to retrieve items from Sitecore content repository. Like any other CMS, Sitecore provides APIs for reading and enumerating items and item fields and there is nothing special about it. Without wasting time, let’s talk code straight away. Consider following two lines of code typically found in code behind of a SubLayout: […]