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Zeroing In On Sitecore Personalization With GeoIP

Marketing to users based on location is not a new concept, but new technologies – especially the rise of the ubiquitous smartphone in the past decade – create potential for hyper-accurate campaigns and personalization. Sitecore embraces personalization, and thanks to a few core technologies, personalizing based on end-user location is easier than ever in Sitecore. […]

GEOIP – Working with it

In my previous post, GEOIP – Getting Started, I mentioned that I would illustrate how to actually use the GeoIP components, and here it is! I’ll start with a personalization example. For this example we have a tab component that will have content specified for different US states. When a visitor comes to the site from Georgia, […]

GeoIP – Getting Started

GeoIP is quickly becoming a necessity for the analytics functionality of Sitecore. With GeoIP we can personalize content based on the user’s location to present the most relative information and provide a more engaging user experience. Starting with Sitecore 8.1, the necessary config files and dlls are included in the base install. Prior to 8.1, […]

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Sitecore GeoIP: Helping The First Visit

GeoIP GeoIP via MaxMind is a great feature of Sitecore Analytics. Everything is built-in and all you need to do is inspect various attributes of the VisitorDataSet.VisitsRow, such as Region, Country, City, MetroCode, etc. Here’s how it works (simplified, of course). Sitecore runs UpdateGeoIpData as part of two Analytics pipelines: and In the Sitecore MVC […]