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FDA Gives 23andMe The Green Light

  As a user of 23andMe since 2008, I’ve been closely following the company, especially since the FDA told them in 2013 to stop marketing their personal genetics testing service. At last, the FDA has given 23andMe the green light. Not surprisingly, the positive news pushed the cost of the genetics test from $99 to […]

A Card That Fits In Your Genes

  A few days ago, I read an article in The Atlantic about precision medicine. But it wasn’t about developing drugs for individuals with specific biomarkers. Instead, it discussed a simpler form of precision medicine that can prevent serious adverse events (SAEs). This method can actually fit in your wallet. It’s a card that houses […]

10 Tips On How To Discuss Genome Sequencing With Family Members

  In 2009, the cost for a consumer to sequence his or her genome was $49,000. It’s all the way down to $1,000 today. As the price continues to become more affordable, the frequency of the average Joe sequencing his genome will likely increase. However, many individuals are wary of the idea of knowing more […]

Once Again, What Colors Do You See in THE Dress?

  23andMe, the company’s whose mission is “to help people access, understand and benefit from the human genome” recently sent their database of hundreds of thousands of customers – me included – this infamous question: “What colors do you see in this dress?” Yes, this is the same dress that went viral last month. While […]