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Planning For Future Success

Enhancing TypeScript Code with Generics

In this blog, we will explore generics in TypeScript, but before diving into generics, let’s first understand what TypeScript is and why TypeScript has become increasingly popular in the software development industry.  So, what is TypeScript? TypeScript, as a free and open-source high-level programming language, acts as a superset of JavaScript by introducing features like […]

The Marriage Of Life Sciences And Retail

In today’s post, which is part of a series aimed at applying my colleagues’ customer experience (CX) strategy guide to a life sciences audience, we’re getting up-close and personal with retail. Perficient Digital’s CX strategy guide includes a number of statistics from myriad sources (see guide for sources) about the buying process in the Age […]

What Happens During NDA Review In The FDA Drug Approval Process

This post is the fourth in a brief series about the FDA drug approval process. The series is designed to answer the question about why U.S. prescription drugs are so expensive by illuminating the FDA drug approval process, stage by stage. In my last post in this series, I focused on the clinical stage, and […]

Prices For Brand Name Drugs Jump

  According to analysts from Credit Suisse, the prices of brand name drugs are significantly increasing, due to fast-approaching patent expiration dates and the desire to capitalize on recent approvals. Of the 140 drugs the company tracks, 43 have had a price increase in the second quarter of 2015, setting a record for the most […]