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AI Generation – Problems for the Present

The field of AI-generated content has been growing since 2020. I personally never paid much attention until recently as more and more headlines are hitting the news and people I know are creating AI art. While there is some great content being produced, it has led me to ask many questions. Ethics of AI-Generated Content […]

Learning lessons from the past and predicting our path forward.

AI Generation – Lessons from the Past

A Flood of New AI Generation The last couple of years (2020-2022) have been very interesting for content generated by artificial intelligence (AI) systems. Here in 2022, we’ve seen a multitude of new and interesting projects made available to the public for the first time.

Adobe Summit: Future Telling 2016

Tamara Gaffney, Principal Analyst Adobe Digital Index and R”Ray” Wang, Principal Analyst of Constellation research were ready to make predictions with their big data crystal ball. They took on a variety of topics……….. all digital marketing related of course. Note: Big Data refers to the variety of events in the Marketing Cloud including Adobe Analytics. […]

3 Predictions for the Future of Search and Knowledge Discovery

Warning: The future of search is going to get very personal. Hold on to your tin foil hats. Let’s begin with a brief history of the search and knowledge discovery field. Search + Analytics In 1997, Google launched the search engine.  4.3 seconds later, Google started looking at everyone’s search queries.  Just kidding.  Sort of. […]

Surprise! Microsoft Future is Dependent on Data

Surprise! Microsoft Future Is Dependent on Data

In his July 10th email to employees, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella mentions the word “data” no fewer than 15 times.   This simple fact serves to highlight how dealing with data is a foundational part of Microsoft’s future strategy.   When he describes a “mobile-first and cloud-first world”, Mr. Nadella is describing a world where data is ubiquitous in “the […]

Responsive Web Design and the Hype Cycle

We’ve all been there: A new technology emerges (cough Responsive Web Design cough), all shiny and spiffy. We get excited about it – tweet and blog our way around it for months – until our excitement and the sheer saturation from the community spills out into the wider business community. And at a certain point, […]

The need for a broader perspective in user experience design

Last week, I attended UPA 2011. The theme this year was Designing for Social Change. The opening keynote speaker Paul Adams, Global Brand Experience Manager at Facebook, shared his research (an earlier version of his presentation available on Slideshare) into social networks. Among the many insights of the presentation, his research showed that the change […]

iTunes + iCloud. From the Multi-Channel Mouths of Jobs

“Keeping these devices in sync is driving us crazy,” Mr. Jobs said. As an iTunes user, there have been some instances where my itunes preferences have automatically reset based on various updates. I have since learned to check my preferences every single time there is an update to make sure that I don’t lose any […]

MobileMe is Dead.

  Alright. Here it is. Today’s good morning announcement. Let’s call it ‘setting expectations’. A plain language conversation with users about how to potentially (because they are still figuring it out) smoothly transition your data….in the future (this fall)…. ….iCloud subscription is actually free ONLY with OSX Lion and iOS 5 users (which requires purchase […]

Sync Everything. Store Nothing. iCloud – the New Heaven?

So with all this talk about the Apple iCloud launch today, it all sounds pretty spiffy. Especially if you know that it’s powered by Apple’s iDataCenter – which sounds like pretty powerful stuff. Pay for everything. Access everything. Store nothing! Yay No long upload times of your data to a cloud. (Currently up to 5mb […]

Your Browser is Your New Computer: Google Chrome – the New OS?

Google Chrome Notebook Order. Yours. Now? Due out on June 15th, 2011. What it is: It is a notebook that is essentially a mobile device – uses 3G, mobile data networks, wi-fi It only has the google Chrome browser installed 8 second bootup Cloud-based data storage and syncing – log in from anywhere – your […]

Plain Language and User Experience

Recently I attended Ginny Redish’s Plain language, Web Sites, Documents, and UX: You can do all that!, event hosted by the Usability Professional Association (UPA), DC Chapter. As usual, when I attend dc events like IXDA and other miscellaneous UX meetups, I am usually the anomaly visual designer in the room. The thing that I enjoyed […]

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