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Modern Scandinavian Living Room Interior 3d Render

A Speed-to-Value Approach for Building a Furniture Ecommerce Store

Over the last decade, the furniture industry has been slowly enhancing its online presence and driving more sales through digital channels. In the last 3-4 years, that adoption rate has gone up, and more companies are accelerating the launch of an ecommerce website. It is estimated that in the coming years, furniture and houseware-related revenue […]

Home Furnishings eSeries – Visualize & Customize: What Consumers Expect from Home Furnishings

In my previous blog post I touched on how great product imagery and photography can help your home furnishing products stand out and make the best impression possible when users can’t actually touch or feel products online. This can be accomplished using interactive product imagery and visualization platforms such as Adobe’s Dynamic Media Classic (formerly […]

Home Furnishings eSeries – Find Online and Buy In-store: An Interesting Path to Purchase Furniture

There’s much talk in the world of digital commerce about the great need for “convergence” between the online and offline buying experience. How does online shopping from the comfort of my living room translate into my in-store shopping experience, and vice-versa? Being in the eCommerce profession, I tend to find the buying journey (no matter […]