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Sharing our retail success stories at NRF 2016

Moody’s recently upgraded its retail forecast to a 5.3% growth rate in 2016, almost double the growth rate in the last few years. We’ve done a lot for retail companies in the past two years to plan for this growth and evolve and improve their systems to accommodate it. Because we are so focused on helping our […]

Retail Trends 2014: #10 – Amping Up the In-store Experience

Is the physical store dead in retail? Absolutely not. However, it is safe to say that the future of brick and mortar retailing will look very different as the physical store undergoes an incredible metamorphosis. The ongoing consumarization of digital services and experiences is poised to take over the in-store experience for retailers. According to Retail Systems […]

Retail Trends 2014: #5 – A “Fulfilling” Experience (Faster Fulfillment)

I promise not to talk about drones (well, maybe just a little.) In 1860, with 120 riders, 184 stations, 400 horses and several hundred personnel, the Pony Express reduced the time for messages to travel across the United States to 10 days. It was a successful innovation, but still not fast enough, and after 18 […]