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React reusable API call using Custom React Hooks

Introduction Custom Hooks are reusable functions that let a React JS developer tailor and adjust a React application’s functionality. React JS version 16.8 includes them. A special JavaScript function with the prefix “use” is referred to as a “Custom Hooks.” Using a customized Hook, retrieve information from an API. This hook will return an object […]

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CSS Revolution: Empowering Your Web Design with React Magic

Styling plays a fundamental role in web development. Furthermore, when you embark on building React applications, you can choose from various approaches to skillfully manage styles and CSS. This comprehensive guide will explore diverse techniques, tools, and best practices for styling React components using JavaScript. Different Approaches to Styling in React In the expansive realm […]

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Carbon React – A UI Component Library – Part 1

Carbon React is an open-source library developed by IBM to help developers to design the UI. Carbon Design system has its own set of styles and colour theme which gives consistent styling throughout the application. It simply saves the time to build the components. Theme component of carbon design allows you to give the theme […]