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Fraud Detection and Content Management Efficiencies with AI

My last blog looked at call center optimization and how artificial intelligence (AI) provides an in-depth look into financial advice. In this blog, I analyze fraud detection and content management methods, with the assistance of AI. Fraud Detection In the online and digital world of financial services, fraud has increased and become harder to detect. […]

Servicing Customers In Financial Services With CX Technology

It’s no secret that customer satisfaction scores go up when customers consistently get what they want. When they have unanswered questions about your products and services, they’re not likely to become your biggest cheerleaders. And, chances are that if your prospects find themselves with questions that can’t be answered, they’re not going to convert. We […]

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Bankers Get a Compliance Wake-up Call with Data Breach

While most of the mass media news about Target’s card data breach has focused on the direct effects on consumers, the forensics of the breach are starting to trickle out through specialists like Brian Krebs, and they’re really fascinating. At the highest level, it appears the attackers seem to have been able to enter the […]