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Data Center Interior

Predictive Model Ensembles: Pros and Cons

Many recent machine learning challenges winners are predictive model ensembles. We have seen this in the news. Data science challenges are hosted on many platforms. Techniques included decision trees, regression, and neural networks. And, winning ensembles used these in concert. But, let’s understand the pros and cons of an ensemble approach. Pros of Model Ensembles […]

How to Eliminate Intercompany Errors with AGIS

Oracle’s Strategic Modeling – What You Wanted to Know

Strategic Modeling Although many organizations have moved to cloud-based financial planning solutions, there are still those individuals that utilize spreadsheets for strategic, long-range planning and what-if analysis. Oracle’s latest cloud module, Strategic Modeling, eases the transition for these late adopters by leveraging Oracle’s existing EPBCS suite, giving users the ability to perform modeling and analysis […]

Desktop analytics – IBM Cognos TM1 and Insight

So just how easy is it to perform simple forecast modeling using Cognos Insight? Let see. First, I took an MS Excel file and did a “Get Data” and “Import Data…” On the “way in”, Insight let me examine my file and exclude fields I didn’t care about and also (most importantly) tell it which […]