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Balance Rocks

Perficient Colleagues Prioritize Wellbeing through LiveWell@Perficient Program

The Perficient People Promise articulates Perficient’s commitment to challenge, champion, and celebrate every colleague. This includes championing mental and physical wellbeing so that colleagues feel empowered to bring their best selves to work. The LiveWell@Perficient program is designed to support colleagues to live happier, healthier lifestyles through education, inspiration, and guided group exercises. With LiveWell@Perficient, […]

Reconnecting One Step at a Time

Our Perficient teams are always looking for different ways to connect in our new normal. Recently, our Chicago colleagues got creative and thought up a new way to virtually connect while encouraging everyone to get active and healthy at the same time! Perficient’s Miracle Miles Our Chicago team created an event called the Perficient Virtual […]

Running The Pig (1)

4 Steps for Personal and Digital Marketing Fitness

As Digital Marketers we are bloated with options for tools and processes and have bloated backsides from sitting at desks all day long. Over the past 3 years I have lost and kept off 80 lbs and have led multiple end-to-end digital marketing transformations. I can safely say I’m a bit of an authority on […]

How Dragon Boat Racing Built Confidence for a Perficient IBM Consultant

Prabhu Ramkumar didn’t know much about dragon boat racing before being approached to take part in the sport. A husband of a friend needed someone to fill in for practice one day, and Prabhu volunteered. “I always like a good challenge, and I like a good workout,” he said. He found both on the boat […]

Single source test data

Most people might not think test data preparation is important in software engineering. However it becomes an improvement area as more and more companies start to apply TDD (test driven development) now. Managing test data differently may impact your project more than you think. First, let’s look at a question many developers might have:  How […]