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Healthcare EPM: Create Visibility & Accountability

Healthcare EPM: Creating Visibility & Accountability

HEALTHCARE PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT: A POWERFUL TOOL TO CREATE VISIBILITY AND ACCOUNTABILITY THROUGHOUT THE ORGANIZATION Healthcare enterprise performance management (EPM) is a technology-enabled business strategy that is helping to tackle the challenges of the transforming healthcare industry. EPM involves consolidating large amounts of data from various sources, querying and analyzing the data, and putting the results […]

ICD-10 Impacting the Financial Playbook and Improving Quality

Using the Finance Playbook to Improve Quality in Healthcare

I loved an article I read in a recent issue of HFMA Magazine in the Healthcare Value section. The title is “The Secret to Building Effective Quality Programs” written by John Byrnes, MD. The finance playbook, described by John, includes these cornerstones: Rule #1: Don’t allow clinicians to calculate cost savings. Finance and clinical counterparts […]