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How ServiceNow Financial Services Operations (FSO) is Revolutionizing the Financial Industry

What is ServiceNow Financial Services Operations (FSO): Financial Services Operations (FSO) is an offering by ServiceNow utilizing its existing platform custom-tailored to the use cases for Financial Institutions providing a comprehensive solution for managing operations end-to-end. ServiceNow’s FSO allows financial institutions to automate core operational processes, through pre-built applications and workflows that streamline operations across […]

MicroStrategy World Customer Sessions You Don’t Want to Miss

The MicroStrategy World 2019 agenda is out and it’s time to start planning your conference schedule (it’s easy with the MicroStrategy mobile app). Among the many can’t-miss sessions, there are two customer sessions you should make time for: AllianceBernstein and UBS. These two key customers will share the innovative ways they have transformed their organizations […]

Simplifying Payment Processes with Liferay Portal

Personal consumption and expenditures are the leading drivers of economic activity in the United States, accounting for nearly three-quarters of gross domestic product. Without a doubt, American spending habits require businesses to maintain technology assets like point-of-sale systems to keep up, while also requiring financial services firms to update their platforms with the latest features […]