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Site Clusters – Part 4: Renderings shmenderings; or why you should care about Shared and Final layout

A critical portion of understanding Site Clusters is wrapping your head around Shared and Final layout, and understanding their impact on your assembly.

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Defaulting to Shared Layout Editing in Sitecore 8.1

At Brainjocks, now Perficient, we’ve been using both shared and final rendering fields from the page editor (sorry – visual experience editor) since Sitecore 8.0.  SCORE™ includes a toggle in the ribbon when run in Sitecore 8.0 that allows page designers to select between shared and final rendering fields when editing pages and standard values. […]


Unsuspected Error Handling: Solving Sitecore Puzzles

Being a Sitecore developer sometimes means that you are faced with errors that at first glance are both vague and puzzling. Most of the errors can be solved by using previous experience, common sense, a simple Google search for an article or quick chat with a colleague. But other times, there are errors that require […]