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Spark DataFrame: Writing into Files

This blog post explores how to write Spark DataFrame into various file formats for saving data to external storage for further analysis or sharing. Before diving into this blog have a look at my other blog posts discussing about creating the DataFrame and manipulating the DataFrame along with writing a DataFrame into tables and views. […]

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Oracle EPM Automate Tool – Installation Procedure

About EPM Automate EPM Automate Utility enables Service Administrators to automate many repeatable tasks,  including the following: Import and export metadata, data, artifact and application snapshots, templates, and Data Management mappings Upload files into environments, list files, and delete files from the service Download snapshots, reports, and metadata and data files from the service Run business rules on data, and […]

Modeling Microsoft Excel source in OBIEE 11g

Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE) supports many types of file sources as the data source. Some of the compatible file sources with OBIEE are: 1. Microsoft Excel workbooks. 2. Microsoft Access databases. 3. Delimited text files (.csv and .txt). 4. XML data sources. We will be discussing Excel data source in more detail in […]