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6 Salesforce Service Cloud Features to Deliver Exceptional Customer Service

Make Every Interaction Count! Jenny was excited to try out her new fitness tracker. She researched, read reviews, and finally settled on the perfect one. But when it arrived, she realized that it was defective. She tried troubleshooting it herself, but nothing worked. So, she called customer support.  The first representative she spoke with was […]

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AEM Feature – Author Preview Servlet

Why is this needed? It may just be me, but I’ve found it incredibly common for clients to request an unauthenticated URL to view in-progress pages within an AEM Author instance.  The ask makes a lot of sense, as often those who approve content will often just want to give a cursory glance, and not […]

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Groom, Groom…so you can Vroom, Vroom!

Don’t stock your project with meaningless stories. Prioritize, define and evaluate to put the right plan into action.

Episerver Partner Connect In Boston

Episerver Partner Connect Boston: A Recap

Episerver, a web content and digital experience platform, hosted a partner event bringing together Episerver colleagues and experts as well as industry leaders under one roof in Boston.

Salesforce Winter ’14 Release – Top 5 Service Cloud Features

The Salesforce Winter ’14 Release is coming up this month, but in case you haven’t had the time to read through all 309 pages of the release notes yet, we’ve put together our top picks for Service Cloud (see our post on Communities features as well). As usual – we had a hard time narrowing down our top […]