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Customizing Oracle EPM Workspace Logon Page for Part I

It is very important for users to identify to which environments are they logging in. For this reason, I am sharing the following insights into how to customize the Oracle EPM workspace logo, which will help users determine if they are logging into a Production, Development, or QA environment. Out of the box Workspace log […]

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FDMEE – Use Scenario as a Generic Dimension Class

In Oracle Hyperion Financial Data Quality Management, Enterprise Edition (FDMEE), when you setup a target application, a target dimension class needs to be specified for each dimension. Target dimension class is a property that is defined by dimension type. For example, if you have Period dimension, the dimension class is “Period”; for Account dimension, dimension […]

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Automation of FDMEE Jobs using EPM Automate in EPBCS

  Introduction: Oracle EPM cloud has set of EPM Automate commands which are used to automate administration process for EPBCS. Admins can write batch scripts on MS-Dos, PowerShell or other batch scripting program to call the EPM Automate commands. Batch scripts can also be scheduled using Task Scheduler in Windows. This blog is for the […]

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How to Download FDMEE Report Using runDMreport in EPM Automate

Introduction PBCS/EPBCS has some built-in FDMEE Reports that can be executed by the user. One of the most common reports are the Process Monitor Reports, which can be executed on-demand from Data Management > Other > Report Execution. The FDMEE report output can be a PDF, XLSX, HTML, or Excel, and the same can be […]

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How to Encrypt the Admin Password When Used on a Batch Script

In one of my previous blog posts, the EPMAUTOMATE encrypt command was used to encrypt the administrator’s password on a batch script. Here, I describe the process for how to encrypt the password when used on a batch file. Before continuing, ensure the EPMAUTOMATE has been installed on the computer from which you are running […]

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How to Recycle PBCS Backups on AWS S3 Bucket After 61 Days

In this blog post, I will cover the necessary steps to create the S3 bucket storage that will transition to standard – IA (Infrequent Access) for 30 days to finally move to Glacier where the files will be archived for 61 days. Amazon Web Services’ (AWS) low-cost S3 cloud storage provides a cost-efficient solution to […]

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Archive PBCS Snapshots to Amazon S3 Cloud Storage

Amazon Web Services’ (AWS) low-cost S3 cloud storage provides a cost-efficient solution to archive snapshot files extracted from Oracle Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service (PBCS). In the following paragraphs, I will use the AWS Command Line interface (CLI) to upload to the Amazon S3 bucket to archive backup files pulled down from a PBCS instance. […]

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How to Restore PBCS Application Artifacts and Data from Snapshot

I recently wrote a blog post describing the process to create and download Oracle PBCS application SnapShots to local disks. Now I’m sharing a step-by-step look at the process of importing an application onto PBCS. In this article, I will describe how to remotely execute predefined commands to upload files and migrated Artifacts SnapShot. To […]

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HFM Entity Moves from One Parent to Another

We had a client where, by nature of their business, base entities may move from one parent to another. However, all historical data must stay with their previous parent. Only prospective data will belong to the new parent. There may be several ways of complying with this client requirement, but for me, the simplest way […]

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Sneak Preview: Financial Consolidation Cloud Service

If you’ve attended a recent Oracle EPM conference, you are likely aware that Oracle Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service (PBCS) has been the most successful cloud launch in Oracle’s history. That success has been fueled by many factors, including perceived difficulties with the predecessor to PBCS, Hyperion Planning. As of this writing, Oracle claims over […]

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6 Tips and Tricks-FDMEE Integration with Oracle E-Business Suite

Financial Data Quality Management Enterprise Edition (FDMEE) is Oracle’s strategic product for integrating ERP systems with Oracle’s Hyperion EPM applications. It provides seamless integration of both master data and data between major ERP systems such as E-Business Suite, PeopleSoft GL, SAP and Hyperion EPM applications.  See the architecture diagram below:           […]

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