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Search and Save: A Story of the Benefits of Enterprise Search

Everyone is aware of the key role search plays in a product or retail scenario. Websites like Amazon and Best Buy would be practically unusable without a way to easily search for products you are looking to research or purchase. Did you know that search can also play the same critical role in a corporate […]

Business Connectivity Services: FAST Indexing With Null Values in Arrays from BCS Entities

Recently, I was working with Jeff Monette [] at a client, setting up some Business Connectivity Services (BCS) connectors in SharePoint 2010 to index them with a FAST Search for SharePoint 2010 install.The connectors were set up correctly, and accessing data from external Line of Business (LOB) systems was not a problem.What turned out to […]

FAST Search for SharePoint 2010 and Windows Firewall

I thought I would add this note about doing the configuration of FAST Search for SharePoint 2010. It seems that the typical scenario is to turn off Windows Firewall within the enterprise. More than one client I have been at has had it turned off. When I was ready to hit the configure button, I […]