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The Yeoman’s Guide to SP2013 Internet/Extranet Licensing: Part 2

(This article is the second in a two-part series.  For Part 1, please click here.) If I were a decision maker or purchasing manager in an enterprise IT department, this is how I’d like to view SharePoint CALs (CAL is shorthand for Client Access License in the Redmond Universe): a “solution first” approach that tells […]

The Yeoman’s Guide to SP2013 Internet/Extranet Licensing: Part 1

What was that law about an object at rest?  Well, when my own mind is at rest– that is, when I’m not consumed with doting on my kids, digging up obscure music, or reveling in the resurgence of Notre Dame football– my mind tends to wander to SharePoint.  In the wake of the phenomenal and […]

Extending Collaboration Beyond the Firewall

Collaboration platforms, like SharePoint, have become key assets inside any organization. Utilizing portals to share documents, calendars, lists, and resources are no longer a luxury, but a necessity within organizations. I know our team couldn’t live without our SharePoint site- it’s by far the easiest way for us to connect on our projects and make […]