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Roundup: Enterprise Social ROI, External Governance in Yammer

It’s been a busy couple of weeks here at the office.  Besides hopping from LA to NYC to Chicago to work with various and sundry eye-catching clients, we’ve been turning out essays on a couple of hot topics: ROI (Return On Investment) as provided by Enterprise Social Networks Governance in Yammer, specifically External Networks In […]

Yammer External Networks: Engage Customers/Partners Webinar Recap

On Wednesday, we hosted a live webinar, “Yammer External Networks: Engaging Partners & Customers,” where my colleague Rich Wood, Director of Web & Social Collaboration at Perficient, dug into the potential that Yammer offers when it comes to engaging those outside your company, and how it is truly redefining what we’ve come to know as […]

Webinar: Yammer External Networks – Engaging Customers & Partners

These days, there’s much talk about Yammer, and for good reason. Microsoft acquired Yammer in 2012, and since that time, it has become the company’s direction for enterprise social, now integrating with SharePoint Online. While Yammer has clearly distinguished itself as an enterprise social network within organizations, its potential for engaging those outside company walls […]

SPC 2014: Yammer External Networks, Engaging Customer and Partner

Our own Rich Wood spoke at the SharePoint Conference.  Many think of Yammer as only for employees of a specific company but as Rich points out, that’s limiting the technology.   Microsoft actually created a network just for the conference.  This is available to all Yammer users who are attendees of the conference.  That’s one […]

The future of enterprise collaboration from @RichOtheWood

On Wednesday, published an article written by my colleague, Rich Wood. Rich’s writing always leaves a lasting impression on me. Perhaps it’s his ability to incorporate subtle humor into his articles and blog posts, or his passion for the topic at hand. In his latest article, The Future of Collaboration is Right Under Our […]

Yammer = Extranet 2.0 : SharePoint Conference 2014 and CMSWire

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about how a little-known feature of Yammer is poised to change the face of the Extranet workload as we know it.  The External Network isn’t new, and it’s not a separate product– it’s simply another way to use Yammer, but this time with people outside of your organization. We traditionally […]

Webinar Replay: Forrester & Perficient on CIO & CMO Convergence

On Wednesday, we hosted a webinar on the CIO & CMO Convergence: Microsoft for Cloud, Social & Mobile Enterprise Social Networks. Guest speaker Rob Koplowitz from Forrester, and Perficient’s own Director of Web & Social Collaboration, Rich Wood, discussed what defines an enterprise social network and where the true value lies. Rob kicked off the […]