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Office 365 – The Magic Behind The Hybrid Config Wizard (2010)

Configuring Exchange hybrid prior to the Hybrid Configuration Wizard (HCW) is just a distant memory at this point. The process that was a painfully long configuration was greatly simplified with the release of the HCW with SP2 for Exchange 2010 back in May 2011. As much as the HCW has made my job easier, I’m […]

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Exchange 2013 Site Mailboxes coexisting with Exchange 2010

With the introduction of Exchange 2013 and SharePoint 2013, a new feature called Site Mailboxes was introduced, which allows for team collaboration to bring documents and emails together in Outlook 2013 and SharePoint 2013.  Recently I’ve been working with a customer who had a specific business need for Site Mailboxes as part of a SharePoint 2013 project […]

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Copying distribution groups to cloud for Outlook/OWA management

While directory sync provides a much needed service for Office 365 tenants one pain point that comes up pretty regularly is distribution group management once you’re in the cloud. Sure the groups get synced to the cloud but if you’ve been used to managing the group memberships with Outlook when everyone’s mailbox used to be […]

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Lync 2010 integration with Exchange Online Hosted Voicemail

I recently came across an issue when one of my peers in the enterprise voice group helped integrate their existing on-premise Lync 2010 environment with hosted voicemail in the cloud. We followed the recommended steps outlined in these series of TechNet articles and other publications and everything seemed to work fine with a few test […]

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Using Exchange 2010 Native Data Protection

Recently I had the pleasure of working with a customer who decided to eliminate backups within their Exchange Organization.  They were upgrading from Exchange 2007 to Exchange 2010 and wanted to take advantage of many of the new features that Exchange 2010 had to offer such as larger mailbox databases and cheaper storage.  The customer […]

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Token size affecting Free/Busy information between 2007 and 2010

I recently encountered an interesting issue with Token Sizes that I haven’t seen before with regards to Free/Busy information between Exchange 2007 and Exchange 2010 during an Intra-Org upgrade. A little background on the environment, the customer I was working with was upgrading from Exchange 2007 to Exchange 2010 and had approximately 25,000 mailboxes.  There are also many […]

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Exchange 2010 – Is The Upgrade Worth The Effort?

I have written several posts providing insight into some technical challenges that I have encountered while helping my customers upgrade to Exchange 2010. Upgrading any technology within a computing environment requires time and effort, and with some of the technical challenges I’ve already documented, some of you may be wondering if upgrading your Exchange environment […]

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Working With Exchange 2010 Recovery Databases

Background Brien Posey has an excellent post explaining the steps required to mount a recovery database in Exchange 2010. His post can be found here. While assisting one of my customers restore email data using a recovery database, I learned some lessons that I thought I’d share. In this instance, my customer needed to restore […]

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Exchange 2010 Mailbox Moves Require NetBIOS Name Resolution

During a recent Exchange 2010 Deployment, my customer was experiencing 3 different Exchange 2010 issues that were all solved with the same fix. Issue #1: Customer was unable to move mailboxes from one database to another on the same Mailbox Server or between Mailbox Servers. The following error was returned when attempting to move mailboxes: […]

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Unable to Move Mailboxes from Exchange 2003 to Exchange 2010

Background I recently struggled with the inability to move mailboxes from Exchange 2003 to Exchange 2010 while helping one of my customers. The environment consisted of a Single Exchange Organization residing in a Single Forest with Multiple Domains within the Forest. The Exchange 2003 Servers and the Exchange 2010 Servers resided in the same Forest, […]

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How to Quickly Find a Duplicate Telephone Number Assignment

Have you ever tried enabling a user for Enterprise Voice or Exchange Unified Messaging and received an error stating the action could not be completed due to a duplicate record? I’ve surprisingly ran into this issue more than once recently. Whether a telephone number was used for testing purposes and simply forgotten about or caused […]

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Do I Need to Upgrade Distribution Groups When Upgrading Exchange 2003 to Exchange 2010?

Background: After adding Exchange 2010 SP1 Servers to an Exchange 2003 environment, I noticed some strange behavior when using the Exchange Management Console to review and modify Distribution Groups. Specifically, I noticed that the settings on the Membership Approval tab of all Distribution Groups were grayed out as in the following example: In order to […]

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Corrupt or Inconsistent Distribution Groups After Upgrading to Exchange 2010 SP1

Background: After upgrading your Exchange 2003 environment to Exchange 2010 SP1, you enter the following command using the Exchange Management Shell on your Exchange 2010 Server: Get-DistributionGroup And you receive the following error on several Distribution Groups: WARNING: The object DistributionListName has been corrupted, and it’s in an inconsistent state. The following validation errors happened: […]

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Unable to Install Exchange 2010 SP1 Unified Messaging Role

I recently ran into the following issue while deploying Exchange 2010 for one of my customers: Background: Multi-server, multi-site Exchange environment consisting of the following: 3 Mailbox Servers Server 2008 R2 Exchange 2010 SP1 3 HUB/CAS/UM Servers Server 2008 R2 Exchange 2010 SP1 In order to install the UM Role for Exchange 2010 the following […]

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Unable to Launch EMC After Installing Exchange 2010 SP1

I recently wrote a blog about installing Exchange 2010 SP1 and the prerequisites that must be installed on each Exchange 2010 Server before SP1 will install correctly. In that article I also mentioned that I had not experienced any issues with Exchange 2010 SP1. I now have one issue with Exchange 2010 SP1 to report. […]

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Unable to Launch Exchange 2010 EMC

I recently ran into the following scenario while deploying Exchange 2010 for one of my customers: After installing the first HUB/CAS Server in the environment, I received the following error when launching the Exchange 2010 Management Console: The following error occurred when searching for On-Premises Exchange server: Connecting to remote server failed with the following […]

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Exchange 2010 SP1 Installation

I have had several customers ask me about Exchange 2010 SP1 and whether I have had any issues with the installation. In response to several such requests, I thought I’d share my experience installing Exchange 2010 SP1 in my test lab. In this article, my lab consists of a single server running the following: Server […]

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Using ISA 2006 / TMG to Publish Exchange 2007 and 2010

We’ve recently assisted a number of clients in Exchange 2007 à 2010 upgrades. In each case, they’ve been using ISA or TMG to publish external Exchange services. For the most part, it’s been easy to find information on the subject: the MS Exchange team has a really nice write up on the ISA configurations for […]

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Exchange 2010 Play-on-Phone

This is just a quick heads up on the Play-on-Phone feature in Exchange 2010. I was testing several of the new UM features in my lab and one that had me scratching my head was Play-on-Phone which allows a UM user to play messages at their internal extension or any number they choose, providing the […]

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