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How to Reassign Security Filters to a User in Hyperion Planning?

Recently at a customer site we saw the following issue with a user trying to run a FR report. The user was unable to run a report or connect to Smart view via an Essbase connection. However, the user could enter data using planning web forms. The user was getting the following error, “Cannot open […]

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9 Ways Oracle BI Cloud Positioned to Offer Governance & Agility

When it comes to choosing the right Cloud BI platform, there is usually a trade off between governance and centralization on one hand and agility on the other. BI software vendors like Tableau and Qlik, that are relatively newer to the game than traditional BI platforms, have changed the rules of what defines a better BI […]

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CFO Magazine, Gartner Agree on Cloud EPM Value

“The CPM suite market is shifting toward cloud-based solutions that deliver a shorter time to value and improved ease of use.” – Gartner If there’s any doubt that corporate performance management (AKA enterprise performance management, or EPM) has a future in the cloud, think again. Most of the buzz from industry and corporate events has […]

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A Modern Approach to Financial Reports Reconciliation

Gone are the days when several spreadsheets, pen and paper, and calculators are needed to reconcile financial reports. A common challenge in financial reporting is validating that what gets reported on executive dashboards matches with more detailed financial statements and transaction level reporting. What aggravates this endeavor is the fact that executive level dashboards are […]

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Many of us may have used SET DATAEXPORTOPTIONS. But I noticed that there are some glitches in that command usage that is not documented explicitly. It can cause a “LOT” of trouble with respect to performance. I spent few hours on this and thought will share it with you all to save some time. However, […]

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Perficient & CPI Card Group: An Oracle OpenWorld BICS Case Study

Interested to get a closer look at how quick-to-deploy and scale-able Oracle BI Cloud Service is? Meet us at Oracle Open World on Oct 29th, for a best practices and case study of CPI Card Group, a leading provider in payment card production and services. Tyler Wilson of CPI Card Group will join me in telling […]

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Surgical Essbase Recovery: How To Back Up Your Essbase Data

Recovery of data in Essbase is sometimes confusing and time consuming depending on the type and frequency of backups previously taken. In this article, I’ll give you an idea of how you can back up your Essbase data for the purpose of restoring a slice of the database. Scenario: I am running a daily export […]

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A Solution to Essbase Security File Backups

Essbase does its best to be friendly to us system admin types, but sometimes I just want to scratch my head in bewilderment. In and later, Essbase performs a backup of the Essbase.sec file every 300 seconds and retains a default of two backups. This means that at any given time, you have two […]

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How To Speed Up Your Essbase Database Restructure

In Essbase, Oracle added a configuration option to improve the performance of Essbase Block Storage database restructures. RESTRUCTURETHREADS is a setting you can add to your Essbase.cfg file to enable parallel restructure of BSO databases. The proper syntax taken from the Essbase Technical Reference is: RESTRUCTURETHREADS [ appname [ dbname] ] n Application and […]

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Essbase Calc Syntax to SQL Comparison

Many folks have a bit of trouble getting their arms around the Essbase Block Storage Calculation Script syntax – especially if they have spent time previously working in relational databases. Essbase BSO calculation syntax looks nothing like structured query language. In the Essbase Bootcamp and the Essbase Calculations for Block Storage Databases classes, I will […]

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Integrating OBIEE with Essbase for an Executive Mobile Dashboard

Client Headquartered in Denton, TX, Sally Beauty is an international specialty retailer and distributor of professional beauty supplies with revenues of more than U.S. $2.6 billion annually. Through the Sally Beauty Supply and Beauty Systems Group businesses, the company sells and distributes to more than 4,000 stores, including approximately 200 franchised units, throughout the United States, […]

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Improved Financial Management Reporting: CFO’s Vision Needed

The management reporting processes at various companies have significant limitations in meeting key expectations. Typical shortcomings are across three areas: * Impactful and timely reporting that forms the basis for proper decision making * Advanced analysis of the latest business metrics and future trends * Accurate business forecast to allow for effective planning This is […]

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Corporate Allocations: Allocating Your Way to Value and Profit

In today’s corporate America few executives and finance leaders fully grasp the benefits of developing an effective and streamlined corporate cost allocation process. Corporate allocations, when implemented correctly, can provide tremendous insights into the profitability of business segments, customers, and products. This knowledge can then help business unit leaders realign resources within the company, thereby […]

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Dynamic Member Creation in Hyperion Planning

For this new blog post, I am excited to tell you about one of my favorite features: Dynamic Member Creation. Beginning with Hyperion Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) release, Dynamic Member Creation is available in pre-delivered plan types such as Project Financial Planning, Public Sector Planning and Budgeting; and as part of the core Planning […]

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6 Tips and Tricks-FDMEE Integration with Oracle E-Business Suite

Financial Data Quality Management Enterprise Edition (FDMEE) is Oracle’s strategic product for integrating ERP systems with Oracle’s Hyperion EPM applications. It provides seamless integration of both master data and data between major ERP systems such as E-Business Suite, PeopleSoft GL, SAP and Hyperion EPM applications.  See the architecture diagram below:           […]

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Migrating On-Premises Planning Application to PBCS

  Are you currently thinking about migrating your existing on-premises Hyperion Planning application to the Cloud? Are you having reservations about what this process may entail? Well put your reservations aside! Oracle Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service (PBCS) makes the migration easy as it essentially has the same code base as on-premises Hyperion Planning release […]

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Essbase Errors & Resolutions

Like many of us, I have run into several essbase errors while creating/testing/implementing new applications and scripts.   Some of the errors have useful information in the log files or the error code’s description clearly reveals where the error lies, but there are those codes which provide little to no information or the accompanying error message […]

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How to Apply OBIEE Data Level Security against Essbase?

Over the last few years the integration between Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE) and Essbase has been undergoing continuous evolution. The progression is aimed at making both analytical products more compatible as they are complimentary. Security may be a challenge, however, when it comes to implementing data-level security on OBIEE reports that source data […]

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Modern Budgeting & Forecasting Has Arrived – Are you Ready?

The recent departure of Walgreen’s CFO due to a large forecasting variance error, is a drastic reminder to all of us who have dedicated their careers to financial transformation, of the intense criticality of mastering the entire cycle of planning, budgeting, forecasting and reporting. 15 years ago when I started consulting with finance and accounting […]

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Using @XWrite vs @XRef Functions

The Situation: Planning Client has two Plan types (Finance & FTE) Detail employee data is held in the FTE cube and summary employee data is held in the Finance cube Requirement: Move data from FTE cube to Finance cube at the summary level as efficiently as possible. Solution: The @XWRITE function does just what […]

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