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What Does the Appian-MuleSoft Partnership Mean for You?

Two of our technology partners, Appian and MuleSoft, recently announced a partnership to improve integration for digital transformation. Appian is a low-code BPM platform to build apps and simplify workflows. MuleSoft‘s Anypoint Platform integrates apps, data, and devices with API-led connectivity. Together, these two vendors help simplify integration and accelerate digital transformation with the combined functionality of […]

5 Frequently Asked Questions on Microservices

A microservices approach to integration is becoming increasingly popular. Most companies are either considering the move or have already begun a technological overhaul. Microservices are key enablers of the scalability and agility that many organizations are looking to achieve with their digital transformation. However, they also come with a lot of questions – and challenges. […]

Does Technology Drive Business or Does Business Drive Technology?

This is a traditional chicken or the egg problem, and I would like to put in my 2 cents by trying to address the same question in the information technology era. We see hundreds of new and emerging startups rising every day across all the industries. The secret of success is not coming from any […]

Connecting Mule API Gateway and ESB in Hybrid Mode

** To view “hello-world.raml”, please go to the very bottom of this post. APIs are driving the digital economy. One of the key players in the API field is MuleSoft. Instead of a labyrinth of overlapping products offerings, MuleSoft provides the Anypoint Platform with Mule API gateway and a nimble Mule ESB that can run […]

Top Integrate Posts of 2015

2015 is almost behind us, along with over 60 posts on integration – from data quality to middleware migration. We have sorted through all of that content and pulled together the list of your top 10 favorites. 10 | 5 Leading-Edge Releases from Informatica in 2015 Check out Informatica’s top 2015 releases announced at their Informatica […]

Unplug Your Legacy ESB

With the shift towards hybrid cloud architecture and the exponential growth of mobile applications it is essential to establish an integration strategy that supports new computing models that include on-premises, cloud and mobility. Legacy middleware has a monolithic architecture, proprietary components, complex operating environments and expensive licensing. A dated integration style greatly slows mobile development […]

Performance Testing Framework for Websphere Message Broker

With this post, I will cover performance testing framework for Websphere Message Broker. Tools Used: Tools used to do the performance testing of ESB interfaces: Jmeter SupportPac IS03 The following section will brief the tools that are used in the ESB Performance test plans. Jmeter: Jmeter is an open source Apache Software used for load […]

Building an ESB Capability

Building ESB Capability Java EE -vs- Configuring a Datapower SOA Appliance Implementing a Java network infrastructure solution versus network appliance configuration It’s not unusual for a seasoned Java implementer, when exposed to an IBM Datapower appliance for the first time to question the technological advantage of a configurable network device. I feel this question is […]

Sequence Diagram in WMB

Using the WMB toolkit we can produce a sequence diagram with the following steps. Open Modeling Perspective 2. Within this Perspective Click on File->New->Other   3. Select Sequence Diagram within Modeling profile 4. Click Next and Select the location where the File needs to be created and Click Finish. A work area with the palette […]

Using PGP within MB/DataPower

With the ever growing need for external and cloud based integration I’ve seen more and more needs for PGP encryption/decryption. Also as DataPower nor Message Broker explicitly supports PGP as part of it’s processing we’ve come up with a ‘workaround’ using GPG – AIX’s open-source PGP tool, The script below combines MQ (for triggering […]

Do I need an ESB if I’m integrating in the cloud?

One pattern that I’m seeing arise more often lately is cloud applications integrating with cloud applications. As such, programmers are skipping the use of an ESB all-together, with the reasoning being, “why should I enter the trusted network only to have my request go out again?” While this maybe a valid reason, I suggest that […]

Tips for Integration / Enterprise Service Bus Projects

Integration Projects / Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) are by its nature complex involving many Partners, Systems, technologies, and message structures. Since there are many moving parts in the ESB system, if there are any problem occurs, diagnosing and fixing the issue is challenging. Also Support personal / Developers need to be knowledgeable in many skills […]