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“Are We Project Centric?” Oracle Projects Considerations Part 1

A cornerstone of Oracle Projects Implementation Consideration is, “Are we a project-centric or GL-centric organization?” Companies sometimes believe they are project centric when they aren’t. The following is a guide to assist in this decision. Key Characteristics of a Project-centric Company Simply stated, a project-centric company requires EVERY exempt and non-exempt employee to enter time […]

Best Practices in Reality for Extracting ERP Cloud Data from OTBI

Now that we have three different approaches to extract Oracle ERP Cloud data from OTBI, there comes the question – what’s the best practice, or which one should you recommend? Before answering the question, let’s take a look at the feature list of each approach so we can understand what they are best at. Feature List […]

Using Custom SQL (BIP) to Extract ERP Cloud Data from OTBI

Custom SQLs work differently than logical and physical SQLs.  Instead of going through the OBTI subject areas and the Fusion PVOs in the RPD physical layer, custom SQLs are used to create custom data models in BI Publisher to extract ERP Cloud data directly from the Fusion database tables.  The built-in Data Sync Oracle BI Connector does not support […]

Using Physical SQL (PVOs) to Extract ERP Cloud Data from OTBI

Physical SQLs are essentially the same as Logical SQLs. Behind the scenes, Logical SQLs are converted back to physical SQLs by BI server using the OTBI Fusion public view objects (PVOs) defined in the RPD physical layer. Physical SQLs leverage the same Data Sync built-in Oracle BI Connector used by logical SQLs for extracting ERP Cloud data from OTBI. The process […]

Using Logical SQL to Extract ERP Cloud Data from OTBI

This approach is officially recommended by Oracle. Data Sync comes with a built-in Oracle BI Content connector, which can be used to extract ERP Cloud data from OTBI. The connector supports three data extraction modes. SQL – used to extract data from logical SQL queries Report – used to extract data from BI analyses reports Subject Area.Table – used  for extracting […]

3 Ways to Integrate Oracle ERP Cloud (OTBI) with DataSync (BICS)

Here are the blogs that I have posted previously as part of my blog series on Oracle DataSync (BICS). Best Practice to ETL with Data Sync (BICS) In this blog, I am going to talk about three different ways to integrate Oracle ERP Cloud data with Data Sync (BICS) through OTBI.         […]