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Three Things to Know About Next Generation Reporting in Oracle’s EPM Platform

Oracle is introducing major enhancements to its EPM reporting capabilities with the February 2021 update. These enhancements will undoubtedly provide Oracle EPM customers the opportunity to expand their current reporting abilities to meet the challenges facing organizations today. Continue reading below as we touch on three things every customer must know about the new functionality […]

Oracle Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) System On-Premises Version 11.2.3 has been released

Oracle Hyperion EPM on-premises version has been released on Oracle Software Delivery Cloud. What’s New with EPM 11.2.3? Release 11.2.3 contains bug fixes for Windows and Linux only, support for TLS 1.2, and the ability to apply an update directly from 11.2.1 or 11.2.2 (using the Apply Update option in the EPM System Installer) […]

Top 5 Reasons to Consider an Upgrade to Hyperion Version

Whether it’s internal changes based on re-organization or business lines, or external requirements including new regulations, corporate finance teams need robust solutions that delivering information more quickly and accurately than ever. Employing up-to-date applications, including cloud-based solutions, can be the most effective way for companies to leverage functionality that meets the latest financial reporting challenges. […]