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Oracle EPM Cloud Automation Updates

Automation is a critical aspect of any mature technological platform. Oracle’s recent updates to their EPM Cloud offerings include several new and exciting automation capabilities. Continue to read below for explanation on several of the noteworthy enhancements.   New and Improved EPM Automate Commands cloneEnvironment – Provides ability to clone the environment.  The UsersAndPreDefinedRoles optional […]

Top 3 Enhancements for EPM Automate

The May 2019 update for Oracle’s EPM Automate utility includes some key features to be aware of… Support for Mac OS — The utility can now be installed on Mas OS computers. Execute multiple instances from the same directory — The utility now supports executing multiple instances against a cloud environment from the same directory. […]

How to Encrypt the Admin Password When Used on a Batch Script

In one of my previous blog posts, the EPMAUTOMATE encrypt command was used to encrypt the administrator’s password on a batch script. Here, I describe the process for how to encrypt the password when used on a batch file. Before continuing, ensure the EPMAUTOMATE has been installed on the computer from which you are running […]

Using EPM File Transfer Utility and Automate Utility

Some of the most common questions we get from customers considering a move to PBCS is how interfaces will work.  For example: Can the Cloud Service be deployed with another on-premises application? How can the Oracle PBCS interfaces be automated? The answers to these questions lie within the EPM File Transfer Utility and the EPM […]

5 Tips on Administering Applications in Oracle PBCS

Have you ever wondered how much time you really spend on routine Planning admin tasks? Sometimes, a little trick can save you a lot of time with administrative chores. Here are my 5 favorite tips that you can use to simplify administrative tasks, and ensure that your PBCS application performs without a hitch. #1 – […]

What’s New for Oracle Hyperion DRM – PBCS Integration

With the recent release of EPM suite, it’s no big surprise that Data Relationship Management (DRM) becomes an integration tool used with Planning and Budget Cloud Service (PBCS) as Oracle continues to push cloud computing. Hierarchies, nodes and properties can now be shared between DRM and PBCS by using Web interface or the EPM […]