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Enterprise Social Success: Smart Governance to Encourage Adoption

Here at Perficient, we have some real Yammer all-stars, and I have no doubt they’re a big part of the reason we have such a vibrant and active enterprise social network. For example, one Yammer group I am a part of for partner marketers, has brought our team much closer together and allowed us to […]

Yammer Webinar: Encourage Adoption with Smart Social Governance

 As a Yammer end user, I can certainly appreciate the value enterprise social brings to our organization, as well as my ability to collaborate more effectively with my team, other practice areas, and even partners. It’s easy to use and intuitive. Given that, I can understand and appreciate that Gartner selected Microsoft as the leader […]

Why governing Yammer vs. SharePoint represents an about-face

Yesterday may have been Ground Hog Day, but unlike the movie, I’m happy to report no time loop (although there was a lot of snow for some of us). Aside from the freshly fallen snow, there was also fresh new content over on CMSWire, thanks in part to my colleague Rich Wood and his article […]

Upcoming Webinar: Governance and Yammer, Moving Beyond SharePoint

Enterprise social networks require some level of governance to operate most effectively. On one side of the equation, there is truth in the fact that a social network is most effective when users are allowed to communicate freely, and without restrictive policies. At the same time, there are some rules that must be enforced and […]

Yammer’s Enterprise Social Resource Center

Would you like to grow your business by working like a network? Would you like to connect your workforce to inspire a culture of collaboration and open communication? Did you know that engaged employees lead to higher profits? Microsoft has just the tool for you – Enterprise Social Resource Center The site has a plethora […]

Office 365 pushes Microsoft atop Gartner’s Social Magic Quadrant

Microsoft position as a Leader in Gartner’s 2014 Magic Quadrant for Social Software in the Workplace has moved to the top.

Why We Collaborate – Exploring Yammer Maturity & Engagement

A few weeks ago, a colleague posted a TED Radio Hour from NPR on our Perficient Yammer network titled – “Why We Collaborate”. After listening to the broadcast, I thought this would be a perfect segway into a post I have been working on for a while now. I want to discuss some of the […]

Driving Business Value with #Yammer: Webinar Replay & Highlights

We hosted a webinar last week on the topic of driving business value with Yammer, and the session is now available for replay. Rich Wood, Director of Perficient’s national Microsoft web and social collaboration practice, did a great job briefly introducing attendees to the idea of an enterprise social network, and shared some key things worth […]

Yammer External Networks: Engage Customers/Partners Webinar Recap

On Wednesday, we hosted a live webinar, “Yammer External Networks: Engaging Partners & Customers,” where my colleague Rich Wood, Director of Web & Social Collaboration at Perficient, dug into the potential that Yammer offers when it comes to engaging those outside your company, and how it is truly redefining what we’ve come to know as […]

Webinar: Yammer External Networks – Engaging Customers & Partners

These days, there’s much talk about Yammer, and for good reason. Microsoft acquired Yammer in 2012, and since that time, it has become the company’s direction for enterprise social, now integrating with SharePoint Online. While Yammer has clearly distinguished itself as an enterprise social network within organizations, its potential for engaging those outside company walls […]

Microsoft’s Roadmap for Social: Detailed Analysis from SPC14

“Work like a network.”  Spend just a few minutes at SharePoint Conference 2014 and you’re bound to hear or see this phrase sooner than later. It’s here in the keynote and it’s here in the signage.  It’s here on the lips of the Yammer and Social product marketing people I had the good fortune to […]

SPC 2014: Yammer External Networks, Engaging Customer and Partner

Our own Rich Wood spoke at the SharePoint Conference.  Many think of Yammer as only for employees of a specific company but as Rich points out, that’s limiting the technology.   Microsoft actually created a network just for the conference.  This is available to all Yammer users who are attendees of the conference.  That’s one […]

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