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Responsibility of Data Architecture in Data Governance

The data architecture capability will supply the components and standards necessary to implement other capabilities coherently and enable them to work together. A primary responsibility of data architecture is to define and have an accepted enterprise-wide set of models, standards, glossaries and hierarchies which allow a standard description of data across business lines, products and […]

A SOA Journey Using the TOGAF ADM – Part 2

In part 1 of this series I provided a ten thousand foot view of the project relative to the TOGAF ADM. In this post I’ll start with the proverbial peeling back of the onion. Using an integration project FYI Bank has made a strategic decision to address the challenge of their silos of IT systems […]

Learn How Mission Health is Using Data to Improve Quality of Care

With Perficient’s help Mission Health is leveraging IBM’s master data management (MDM) to build a scalable, accurate foundation around its most critical data to support critical business processes across the enterprise – information about patients, providers, facilities, organizations, employees and more. Watch this webcast and learn how Mission Health is using Big Data and Analytics […]

Perficient & IBM – Making an Impact in 2013

Perficient is Showcasing Our Award-Winning IBM SOA, BPM, and Mobile Solutions & Services at IBM’s Impact 2013 Conference Perficient is a gold sponsor of Impact 2013, and our experts are available in Booth G9 to discuss how customers can implement impactful technology solutions including BPM, service-oriented architecture (SOA), cloud, mobile and WebSphere solutions for major […]

Data Governance – Roles and Responsibilities

First Happy New Year and I hope you all had a chance to read my first posting on “The Importance of Data Governance and Which Data Governance/Organizational Model is Correct for Your Business.”  As the prior posting is important, as you would first need to understand the different data governance models before you can truly […]

The Importance of Data Governance and Which Data Governance/Organizational Model is Correct for Your Business

Before I get into the semantics of data governance and which model is correct for your business, hopefully you had the chance to read the prior data governance blog postings from Chris Grenz and Deepak Ramanathan.  I highly recommend these posts as they give you a great explanation on the importance of data governance and […]