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Cloud Fact Or Fiction: Can You Always Access Your Clinical and Safety Data In The Cloud?

Last time, we concluded that the costs associated with hosting clinical trial software in the cloud can actually be less than for on-site solutions. In this post, we’ll tackle access to data and system uptime. Claim #4: Clinical or safety data stored in the cloud can be accessed at any time. Fact or fiction? Fact. […]

Cloud Fact Or Fiction: Are Ongoing Costs Associated with Hosting Clinical Trial Software High?

In our last “cloud fact or fiction” post, we discussed the cost of implementing clinical trial software in the cloud. This time around we’ll address the ongoing costs you can expect to see if you decide that hosting your applications in the cloud is the way to go. Claim #3: Ongoing costs for cloud/hosted clinical […]

Cloud Fact Or Fiction: Can Clinical Trial Software Be Implemented Faster In The Cloud?

Anyone evaluating clinical trial, clinical data, and safety management systems today will also need to decide whether to implement on-site or in the cloud. As each year passes, more and more companies are choosing the cloud for a whole host (pun intended!) of reasons. Over the next few weeks, my colleagues and I will examine […]

Why We Love Signal Detection (And You Should, Too!)

The amount of time and money it takes for a drug or medical device to be developed and pushed to market is staggering and continues to grow. However, more often than not, once a product gets approved, the maker enjoys watching it flourish in the global marketplace for many years. Unfortunately, there are situations when […]

The Importance Of Interprofessional Education In Drug Safety

In recent years, we have seen many changes to the global “face” of product safety (FDA, 2009). Arguably, these changes modify the traditional focus of product safety from a case management and alert reporting strategy to include a more preventative, pharmacovigilance strategic focus. In order to successfully adopt these changes, it is critical that we […]

Parke-Davis Seems Like Yesterday

In a few days, Perficient will be attending the 19th Oracle Health Sciences User Group (OHSUG) annual meeting in St. Louis. I have been privileged to attend all previous user group meetings, beginning with the very first one back in 1996 in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Approximately 100 people gathered in a conference room at Parke-Davis […]