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Twitter Highlights: Post-Production Changes To #OC/RDC Studies

  Last week, Tammy Dutkin, our director of clinical data management and EDC, presented a webinar in which she discussed best practices for making post-production changes to Oracle Clinical and Remote Data Capture (RDC). If you missed it, you can watch the recording here. 

No Surprise: #1 CRO Uses Oracle’s Clinical Trial Software

  What do you do when the largest contract research organization (CRO) in the world agrees to appear in a video promoting several products? You watch, of course! Quintiles recently recorded a video that features the company’s president of clinical development discussing their use of Oracle Health Sciences solutions, such as Siebel Clinical Trial Management […]

Cloud Fact Or Fiction: Can You Always Access Your Clinical and Safety Data In The Cloud?

Last time, we concluded that the costs associated with hosting clinical trial software in the cloud can actually be less than for on-site solutions. In this post, we’ll tackle access to data and system uptime. Claim #4: Clinical or safety data stored in the cloud can be accessed at any time. Fact or fiction? Fact. […]

Cloud Fact Or Fiction: Are Ongoing Costs Associated with Hosting Clinical Trial Software High?

In our last “cloud fact or fiction” post, we discussed the cost of implementing clinical trial software in the cloud. This time around we’ll address the ongoing costs you can expect to see if you decide that hosting your applications in the cloud is the way to go. Claim #3: Ongoing costs for cloud/hosted clinical […]

Cloud Fact Or Fiction: Can Clinical Trial Software Be Implemented Faster In The Cloud?

Anyone evaluating clinical trial, clinical data, and safety management systems today will also need to decide whether to implement on-site or in the cloud. As each year passes, more and more companies are choosing the cloud for a whole host (pun intended!) of reasons. Over the next few weeks, my colleagues and I will examine […]

Navigating The Road To Creating Custom Roles in OC/RDC

On November 13, 2014, I’ll be delivering Taking Ownership of Custom Database Roles in Oracle Clinical and RDC, a one-hour webinar that’ll cover the following topics: Reasons to create custom roles Process of creating a custom role Granting the necessary access and privileges to a new role Granting the new role to the appropriate user […]

How One Medical Device Company Is Trying To Increase The Adoption Of Minimally Invasive Surgeries

The benefits of minimally invasive surgeries (MIS) are clear: fewer complications, shorter lengths of hospital stays, fewer readmissions, and lower total costs. However, the adoption rate for MIS is surprisingly low. A large medical device client of ours discovered that fewer than 30% of the tens of millions of potential procedures (of interest to them) […]