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K-12 Education’s Future Lies in the Cloud

Though high school was more than a decade ago, I still maintain contact with many of my teachers through Facebook. Around this time of the year, many of them begin ramping up for the school year, commenting on the assigning of homework, the personalities of their classes, and the hopes the term will bring. A […]

3 Ways Cloud Can Change Education

I started kindergarten back in 1993, a simpler time for technology. Today’s brand names like Amazon, Yahoo, and eBay were still very nascent, and Internet pioneer Netscape was 3 years away from going public. For elementary schools like mine, simply having computers was an accomplishment and mine displayed theirs proudly. Throughout elementary school, computer curriculum […]

Why Invest in Training?

Training delivered by professional instructors can be a huge benefit when implementing software systems.  Employee satisfaction, return on investment, and reduction of calls to help desks can all be significantly affected by appropriate application training. Here are a couple of quotes concerning the value of education: “An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest.” […]