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4 Direct-to-Consumer Ecommerce Strategies To Drive Sales and Loyalty in Pharma and Med Device

Today’s customers and patients crave and expect both personalized and convenient shopping experiences. And when given those experiences, consumers tend to buy and be more loyal because there’s less friction in the buying journey. It’s a recipe for direct-to-consumer (DTC) business models to thrive… “Seven in 10 (69%) of Americans made at least one purchase […]

Digital Disruption & B2B Customer Experience

Technological disruption has and will continue to put pressure on traditional retailers and those businesses directly servicing consumers to meet and exceed relentless expectations. This digital disruption is also noticeably impacting the traditional B2B customer experience (CX). Businesses which have historically sold to other businesses are increasingly transforming to optimize support for self-service. In many cases, […]

10 Tips from Walmart for Killing it in E-Commerce

I recently wrote “What Retailers Can Learn From Walmart’s Incredible E-Commerce Growth In 2017” for Why? This year, Walmart posted an impressive 60% year-over-year e-commerce growth, and then Walmart announced it will sharply scale back store openings to focus more acutely on E-Commerce. So I wanted to take a look at what tactics have helped to drive this […]

Home Furnishings eSeries – Visualize & Customize: What Consumers Expect from Home Furnishings

In my previous blog post I touched on how great product imagery and photography can help your home furnishing products stand out and make the best impression possible when users can’t actually touch or feel products online. This can be accomplished using interactive product imagery and visualization platforms such as Adobe’s Dynamic Media Classic (formerly […]

How to Transform Your Commerce Business Models

If you work in the retail or eCommerce space, then there’s no doubt that recent headlines have caught your attention. Here are just a few recent examples: “PetSmart will acquire high-flying rival e-tailer Chewy” (Internet Retailer) “Watch out Amazon. Walmart is coming for you” (CNN) “Amazon buys Whole Foods in a $13.7 billion deal” (Internet […]

Home Furnishings eSeries – Find Online and Buy In-store: An Interesting Path to Purchase Furniture

There’s much talk in the world of digital commerce about the great need for “convergence” between the online and offline buying experience. How does online shopping from the comfort of my living room translate into my in-store shopping experience, and vice-versa? Being in the eCommerce profession, I tend to find the buying journey (no matter […]

Is eCommerce Actually Killing Off Brick-and-Mortar Stores?

Contrary to popular belief, digital commerce is NOT killing off the physical store. For the past decade, headlines have declared the demise of brick-and-mortar by the evil hands of eCommerce. And that story-line acceptance seemed to drive store closures and abandonment of malls due to growing online sales. However, that is not necessarily the case. […]

Why Integrating Content And Commerce Is Crucial for B2B

Content plays a significant role in converting browsers into buyers, especially for B2B commerce. In fact, 65% of B2B buyers start their purchase journey by researching search engines. However, the more eye-opening stat is that 16% of B2B buyers make their final purchases from industry distributor sites that provide the most credible product details and […]

4 Ways to Improve Mobile CX – #MagentoImagine Tips

Today is the kickoff of Magento Imagine 2017, and one of the hottest topics of this year’s conference is the explosive growth in mobile commerce. According to Jon Higby, Paypal Manager- Solutions Engineering, Paypal has experienced a 55% YOY growth in mobile payment volume. What makes the market staggering is that the conversion rates on […]

Cognitive Commerce: What’s in it for You?

Commercially available cognitive computing is a new evolution in technology and presents a significant opportunity for a wide variety of industries. We are already seeing “cognitive computing” influence our daily lives. The intent of cognitive systems is to help people make better decisions. And this is why cognitive is gaining more traction and popularity in the […]

What the Future Looks Like for B2B Commerce

Nearly two years ago, Forrester published a report that sent shockwaves through the B2B industry, forecasting that nearly 1 million B2B salespeople will lose their job to self-service eCommerce by 2020. Just this week on a webinar by Internet Retailer, I learned that Forrester is going to release an update to its 2015 report, “Death […]

Blending AI with Mobile Commerce to Craft the Perfect Beverage

After a recent re-watching of Back to the Future Part II, I was surprised how some of the 21st Century technologies featured in the movie are a reality today.  No, flying cars don’t exist, but the writers did get a few things right, like the Chicago Cubs winning the World Series (a year too soon, […]

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