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What marketing channels are you using (or not using)?

by Karen Van Ert I’m a consultant, and I focus heavily on marketing initiatives, so that’s typically where conversations I’m involved in migrate. I also like to think of myself as channel agnostic, which seems to be rare in on-line marketing circles. I’m not easily surprised anymore because I’ve seen so many businesses metrics, but […]

Big Data? Big Deal! – PIM Is the Glue that joins Omni-Channel Marketing & eCommerce

Written by Brad Martell For this brief I’m going to focus on PIM and will write at a later date about eCommerce Platform’s, CDN’s and DAM’s. My original title for this post was going to be, “PIM, the ‘irrigation channel’ that sustains your multi-channel crops.” (Please forgive the Midwestern boys farming analogies): I wanted to reflect […]

Guitars, Business & SEO: Lessons from the Stage

by Luke Cerny I’ve learned over my years as a musician that connecting with your audience is much more important than being technically “good”. This was one of those hard lessons learned only by going to countless open mics, where I would spend hours and hours perfecting difficult guitar pieces only to have them fall […]

But I Want Commerce AND Content Management!

You have an e-commerce site that serves a variety of vertical markets, perhaps diverse geographies, but more critically – a wide array of customers. You may have spent tens of thousands of dollars to ensure your site provides a positive user experience…yet you can’t seem to really reach or engage your potential customers. The traditional website has generally […]

Agency vs. internal hire – What’s right for your business?

by Karen Van Ert A little background on me…. I’ve spent the majority of my career managing large internal marketing, UX/UI and content teams, and the companies I’ve worked for fully supported me building internal teams over outsourcing – in fact they pushed for it. At my last gig, I started with six very bright, […]