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Pfizer, Eli Lilly, And Roche Speak On Using Digital Health Tools

At this year’s MedCity CONVERGE, a two-day summit in which executives convene to discuss the future of innovation in healthcare and life sciences, digital was a hot topic. In a presentation titled “Digital Health’s Arrival (Or Not) In Pharma,” Dr. Naomi Fried, an expert on digital health innovation and past chief innovation officer at Boston […]

Shared Decision Making – From Doctor is King to Patient is Key

The words, “because I said so” were like nails on a chalkboard for many children. I was lucky enough to rarely hear those words. I was blessed with parents that took the time to explain why they were taking the decision they were and as I got older willing to discuss decisions further, allowing me […]

Personal Health Data: Giving Patients and Doctors Something To Talk About

One of the most intriguing movements in the healthcare industry today is participatory medicine. Participatory medicine holds a lot of promise and seems to be gaining momentum among both patients and healthcare professionals. Nevertheless, participatory medicine is far from the standard of care, and one of the biggest barriers is actually getting patients interested in […]