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Trend Tuesday: Embracing HR Automation

January is the busiest month of the year for hiring and restructuring, leading to busy human resources (HR) and recruiting departments across all organizations. Add a robust economy into the mix and you have the perfect recipe for an overwhelmed few weeks at work. Luckily, the digital transformation wave applies to HR, with a bevy […]

2017 DT Trend: Mobile Will Just Become Customer Experience

We rely more on anecdotal evidence for this but it’s definitely a trend.  While B2C organizations continue to highlight the importance of consumer-based mobile we see that the hype cycle has begun to level out.  Mobile is important.  No one argues that.  Omnichannel is important. No one argues that either.  However, more companies now realize […]

Role of Customer Experience in Digital Transformation

David Stallsmith and I recently gave a presentation on customer experience as it relates to digital transformation. I like David’s viewpoint on any transformation effort must include an “outside-in” view of an organization. You can’t afford to look through already clouded glasses with only internal people.  Here’s a snippet.

Our Portal Blog Has Become Digital Transformation

If you have recently read a post or visited my blog home page, you will notice a change. We no longer focus solely on portals. Actually, we’ve been expanding our focus for a while to social networking, social media, web content management, digital experience, and marketing management. It’s a lot to cover, but oddly enough, […]