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Happy May Day! Top 5 Life Sciences Blog Posts From April 2017

Happy May Day! Now that May is here, I thought it would be neat to look back at what our readers found most interesting last month. Below are the top five blog posts Perficient’s life sciences practice wrote in April – they’re ranked in order of popularity, with number one being the most viewed piece. My Colleagues […]

How Pharma Executives View Drug Pricing

The cost and affordability of drugs has been a central theme permeating the pharmaceutical industry for decades. Drugs are believed to be too expensive for patients to cover at the counter, even for those who are insured. The sentiment shared is by both Republicans and Democrats. The high cost of drugs can have significant repercussions, […]

[Guide] The State Of The Life Sciences Industry

Last year’s presidential election invoked a great deal of angst in the pharmaceutical industry, with the cost of drugs taking center stage for a good portion of some candidates’ campaigns. While the things candidates said they would do could very well be different from what they might actually do, their words and records were enough […]

The Trump Administration’s Impact On Pharma

There are plenty of articles out there about how the pharmaceutical industry may be affected by Donald Trump’s presidency. The problem is that nobody exactly knows how things are going to pan out over the next few years. When it comes to health insurance, the price of drugs, and the quality of providers across the entire health […]

[Must-Watch Video] How Trump Wants To Help Pharma

Whether or not we agree with President Trump’s executive orders and policies, on a daily basis, we are getting incredible insight into how he wants to change a number of industries. On Monday, President Trump spoke on reducing regulation and “doing a number” on specific financial rules. Yesterday, he met with executives from the life […]

Another Decade With A Spouse, A Few More Years With Your Best Friend

BIO, the world’s largest trade association representing biopharmaceutical and research organizations, put out a compelling integrated marketing campaign that shows you shouldn’t put a price tag on life. 

U.S. Government Leveraging Gilead To Shape Pharma Policy

  Following an 18-month-long investigation by the United States Senate Committee on Finance, Gilead’s pricing and marketing strategy for its hepatitis drugs, Sovaldi and Harvoni, was deemed one that chooses profit over patient access. In order to appropriately shape policy related to these findings, the Committee has written a letter to the healthcare and patient […]

A Lesson In Drug Pricing

  Presidential debates. Daraprim. Martin Shkreli. Drug pricing is what everyone’s talking about. Dr. Joshua P. Cohen, a research associate professor at the Tufts Center for the Study of Drug Development, wrote an excellent article that breaks down how drug prices are determined. He also shared some key facts that support the notion of the […]

Prices For Brand Name Drugs Jump

  According to analysts from Credit Suisse, the prices of brand name drugs are significantly increasing, due to fast-approaching patent expiration dates and the desire to capitalize on recent approvals. Of the 140 drugs the company tracks, 43 have had a price increase in the second quarter of 2015, setting a record for the most […]