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Thank You IFTTT for Making Our Lives Easier

I am enamored with IFTTT (pronounced as IFT).  IFTTT is like that parent or spouse that does things for you.  If you are sitting on the couch, you can call out, “Can you turn the lights off?” and that person will do it for you.  You want a sandwich?  “Honey can you get me sandwich?” […]

Backend As A Service

Last summer I worked on an Android prototype as part of a proposal to a major healthcare organization.  In addition to myself, there was a corresponding group that building the same application within iOS.  The objective was to demonstrate our capabilities in building native mobile applications on the two leading mobile platforms.  The core functionality […]

VMWare to Create Dropbox for the Enterprise

CRN has a note about VMWare’s intention to launch a more secure Dropbox for the enterprise.  Both Dropbox and have nifty solutions that make it really easy to share and sync documents.  Their offerings shouldn’t be confused with other collaboration vendors who allow you to share your files via a web based interface or […]