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Clothes Hanger

New Years, New Goals, New Clothes! The LDC’s Holiday Clothing Drive

Around the holiday season, the Perficient Lafayette Delivery Center (LDC) looks for ways to bring some well wishes and holiday cheer to our local Lafayette community. Though south Louisiana has a reputation for being hot and muggy, the winters can be surprisingly chilly, and this means some of our local friends and families need a […]


Tornado Relief Efforts – Your Donation Helps

On Friday night December 10th and into the following Saturday, an unimaginable outbreak of catastrophic tornadoes ripped through the landscape of America’s Midwest, stretching from Arkansas all the way to Kentucky. These storms produced severely damaging winds and tornadoes which spread devastations across six states. At the epicenter of this system, the deadliest supercell tracked […]

Will The Life Sciences Community Rally Behind Nepal?

Abhishek Tamang, 4, looks on after receiving medical treatment, following the earthquake, at Dhading hospital, in Dhading Besi, Nepal on April 27, 2015. Reuters Photo/Athit Perawongmetha The situation in Nepal isn’t good. The death toll now stands at over 6,000 and is growing by the day. And many, many more are seriously injured or simply […]