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When to Shake: Handshake Use Cases (Part 2)

this post is a continuation of our discussion about search connector use cases. Click here to read the first half of this topic. Customer Service Search has changed the way customer service is offered and provided. Smarter algorithms and better machine learning models can help deflect cases, but sometimes a call is necessary. Search can […]


Got Documentum? Think again.

With the recent acquisition announcement of Documentum by OpenText, many customers are considering alternative platforms to drive their business in the future. An analysis of the acquisition and future direction of the Documentum product leaves many questions about its growth. While this change of ownership doesn’t signal the immediate end of life and support for […]

The Great ECM Migration

Migrating content between disparate ECM systems can be a larger than expected challenge, are you ready? Enterprises today are often faced with multiple content platforms and repositories without a unifying strategy or technology to make the data actionable. They need the ability to quickly and easily access and repurpose information and make it available through […]

Maximizing Your Document Management System ROI Through Digital Signatures

It’s probably a safe assumption that your organization made the switch to an electronic document management system (e.g., SharePoint, Office 365, Documentum, Alfresco, NextDocs, eDOCs DM) some time ago. Take a few minutes and think back on the underlying reasons for that investment. I’m sure the list you came up with includes things like keeping […]

Perficient Receives Accolades for Partner Achievements

While at EMC World earlier this month, EMC announced the winners of its Partner Innovation Awards.  These awards recognize partners for excellence and innovation in solution development, design integration, and best practices for implementation and deployment of a solution that serves our mutual customers.  TriTek Solutions, now Perficient, was the proud recipient of EMC’s Outstanding […]

Let’s Talk SharePoint & EMC Documentum – Nov 15th in San Mateo

If you have been following my posts, you will know that I have been talking quite a bit about SharePoint and EMC Documentum working together as a result of the SharePoint Documentum Framework. This solution is great for companies in a highly regulated industries or that just need to expose content from Documentum within SharePoint. Come join us in […]

The ECM Balancing Act in the Pharma/Life Sciences Industry

One of the challenges that IT and Records Managers in Pharma/Life Sciences companies are facing is the idea of moving off the traditional ECM Platforms to an all SharePoint solution. Based on analyst reports as well as experience, most of the ECM platforms have fallen short on the user interface aspects and collaboration features that […]

Bridge the Gap between SharePoint and EMC Documentum

Microsoft’s SharePoint has become the de facto collaboration solution leveraged by most companies today. In fact Gartner states that 60% of companies are using SharePoint.  With its user-friendly interface and growing features SharePoint has grown into strong player in the ECM space, however in certain areas customers still need the power of a traditional ECM platform that […]

Deep Dive in CMIS

Adam Harmetz, Mike Mahon, and Ryan McVeigh gave a deep dive in CMIS.  Adam and Ryan are members of the OASIS committee so they gave a good overview of what it is and how it can make life easier. What is CMIS 6 is the average number of ECM repositories in a company.  Over 50% […]