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Office 365 – The (Previously) Undocumented AAD Connect Filter

Just a quick post today on something that doesn’t seem to be well documented and could be helpful… AAD Connect is basically Microsoft’s third version of their Directory Synchronization tool for Office 365. While AAD Connect includes more of a “wizard-type” interface for configuration of components such as AD FS, it’s also the current Directory […]

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Office 365 – Unable to Activate Directory Synchronization

Between demos, trials and actual production environments, I’ve probably activated Directory Synchronization on a couple hundred tenants at this point. The process is pretty non-eventful, you add a domain, validate it and click the button that says “Activate”; then it’s on to the fun stuff. Just when you start to feel like you’ve seen just […]

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Office 365 – Script to Change UPN between Federated Domains

Nothing too fancy in this post, just a quick script that can help make a nuisance of a task easier… There’s been a long-standing issue with Office 365 where you cannot change a user’s userPrincipalName (UPN) from one federated domain to another. As an example, if you have federated the domains “company-a.com” and “company-b.com”, changing […]

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Office 365 – Why You Need to Understand ImmutableID

As part of planning for your identity with Office 365, it’s important to understand the concept of the “ImmutableID”. By definition, “immutable” means “unable to be changed” which should be sufficient warning that this is something you need to take time to plan properly. In spite of your planning, your organization could become involved in […]

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Office 365 – The Limitations of Alternate Login ID

Back in April of 2014, Microsoft announced a feature called “Alternate Login ID” (sometimes referred to as “Alternative Login ID”). The idea was that instead of changing the UPNs in your on-premises Active Directory, you could use a different value to authenticate to Office 365 and sync that value to the cloud as your login. […]

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Office 365 – Using Password Sync as a Backup to AD FS

For organizations that deploy AD FS for single sign-on with Office 365, it is as critical of a component as their on-premises Active Directory. While you may have your mailboxes residing in Exchange Online in the cloud, if your on-premises AD FS is not available, users cannot authenticate to access their mailbox. There are a […]

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Office 365 – Assign Licensing “User Location” via Active Directory

The first time you assigned an Office 365 license to a user, you likely used the portal as opposed to PowerShell. There’s also a good chance you saw the error message below: Organizations populate Active Directory user objects with varied amounts of data. In many organizations, especially global organizations, the “Country” field is populated in […]

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Yammer Sign-in Now Tied with Office 365

Keeping up with the roll out momentum, Microsoft released a significant feature last week which allows you to use your existing Office 365 credentials to access Yammer. It essentially provides the same experience as when using OneDrive for Business, Outlook, and SharePoint.   Here are some facts which will help you understand what’s covered in this release: The easiest […]

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Office 365 – Dynamic Distribution Groups in Exchange Hybrid

When running in an Exchange Hybrid configuration, DirSync/AADSync takes care of maintaining a consistent Global Address List (GAL) for both on-premises and cloud users. The one exception is with regards to Dynamic Distribution Groups; these objects need special care to ensure that the recipient filters produce the desired results and for the objects to show […]

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Yammer – DirSync or AD FS (SSO) or Both?

There’s a lot to think about when planning your Enterprise Yammer implementation. How will I get users into Yammer? How will users login to Yammer? Which password will they use? How will users who leave my organization be handled in Yammer? What software do I really need to implement? This post is all about Yammer […]

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Office 365 – DirSync Password Sync: Did You Know?

Microsoft added the “Password Sync” option to DirSync in June 2013 and in the past year it has become a viable alternative to AD FS due to its fewer on-premises infrastructure dependencies. The differences between Password Sync and AD FS are well documented elsewhere, the article “Choosing a sign-in model for Office 365” is a […]

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Office 365 – Configuring AD FS & DirSync with an Alternate Login

When deploying AD FS for Office 365, the ideal deployment scenario is to have the userPrincipalName (UPN) value in Active Directory configured to match the user’s email address; at a minimum, your UPN suffix needs to be a publically routable domain. For many organizations, changing user UPNs is a fairly easily scriptable change with little […]

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Webinar Recap & Replay: Office 365 Best Practices

Yesterday, we hosted a webinar on Best Practices When Migrating to Office 365. During the session, Shalini Pasupneti, a solution architect within Perficient’s Microsoft practice, first polled the audience, and found that more than half were not currently using Office 365. Based on this, she gave a brief overview of what makes up Office 365, […]

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Changing UPN for Office 365 account between two SSO domains

This is a reminder for some or heads up for new tenants about an issue you might have run across that occurs when you try to change a user’s userPrincipalName in your local AD when using dirsync. If you change the UPN (left side of @) and keep the user in the same domain, dirsync […]

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