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FDA Guidance On 21 CFR Part 11 And Mobile Tech In Clinical Trials

In June 2017, the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued a new draft guidance document for public comment: Use of Electronic Records and Electronic Signatures in Clinical Investigations Under 21 CFR Part 11 – Questions and Answers. You have until August 21, 2017, to share your thoughts and ideas about its content. The […]

18 Resources For Life Sciences On Digital Transformation

We thought it might be helpful for you if we pulled together all of Perficient’s resources to-date related to digital transformation. Happy discovering! Digital Transformation “Boot Camp” Digital Transformation: Part One: Laying the Groundwork for Success Digital Transformation: Part Two: How the Customer Experience Drives Digital Transformation Digital Transformation: Part Three: Building a Mobile Foundation […]

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What’s the Next Step in Your Digital Marketing Journey?

Creating a top-notch digital experience is essential to competing in today’s fast-paced business environment. In fact, 94% of marketers recognize that improving content creation and delivery processes are key to a great customer experience. Aligning the right people, technology, and funding to create such an experience isn’t an easy task. With the help of a […]

Coronado Speed Festival 15th Anniversary

Transforming Technology Obstacles into Opportunities

Just as the promise of technology in marketing is undeniable, so are the challenges many companies face when integrating it with their marketing. In many organizations, marketing teams aren’t reaching their potential in digital marketing, frequently due to technological obstacles, whether internal or external. “Kovalev v Szilagyi 2013 Fencing WCH SMS-IN” by Marie-Lan Nguyen is licensed under CC-BY […]

Transforming the Customer Experience is Crucial for B2B Growth

In a recent blog post, Taylor Rhyne, wrote about how B2C marketing is more advanced in some ways over B2B marketing. On Tuesday, October 6, in a joint webinar with Perficient’s David Hess and Insite Software’s co-founder, Brian Strojny, you will have a chance to learn why customer experience management needs to be a keystone of […]

Sitecore 8 – Coveo Search

Written by Paul Plakut This is installment three of a multipart series on Sitecore 8 – A Modern Experience Manager. If you are wishing to start at the beginning of the series, please begin HERE. I left off with an explanation of FXM or Federated Experience Manager; a powerful way to extend Sitecore 8’s toolset […]

Sitecore 8 – Federated Experience Manager

Written by Paul Plakut This is installment two of a multipart series on Sitecore 8 – A Modern Experience Manager. If you are wishing to start at the beginning of the series, please begin HERE. I left off with an explanation of Skynet; a sort of artificial marketing intelligence that learns user behavior. As promised, […]

Sitecore 8 – A Modern Experience Management System

Written by Paul Plakut In the beginning, there was content. Content fed search engines, which in turn helped to determine search engine rankings, and ultimately contributed to the overall success of a website. It was content that first engaged the user, content that earned user loyalty, and content that maintained website relevancy. All of that […]

A Better eCommerce Experience – Insite for Sitecore

A few months ago our VP of Sales posted an article, “But I Want Commerce and Content Management!” The post talked about the need and growing availability of combined commerce and content management solutions. Recently, two of our technology platform partners, Insite Software and Sitecore, have formed a strategic alliance to bring an even better […]

Mobile-Ready Site with Sitecore

Written by Shilpa Tawar Reach your customers where they are. Your customers are moving from one location to another with mobile eCommerce that is accessible to them via smart phones, iPads, and other devices. A Quantcast Mobile Trends Study showed that mobile web usage in the U.S. grew 110 percent in 2010, while worldwide growth […]

Manage Your Content the Sitecore Way!

Written by Nikhil Deshmukh I have a CMS but… There is a notion that a content management system will act like a silver bullet and will solve all of your content problems. While this can be true after initially starting to use your CMS, sometime down the line there will inevitably be a need for […]

Znode and Sitecore form technical bond

Written by Alex Moss E-commerce & Content Management For years most companies looking to introduce or revamp a web presence have had to answer a fundamental question about that presence: “Do we want a content site or do we want an e-commerce site?” But what if they want the best of both worlds? Sure there […]

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