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Zeroing In On Sitecore Personalization With GeoIP

Marketing to users based on location is not a new concept, but new technologies – especially the rise of the ubiquitous smartphone in the past decade – create potential for hyper-accurate campaigns and personalization. Sitecore embraces personalization, and thanks to a few core technologies, personalizing based on end-user location is easier than ever in Sitecore. […]

Webinar: Content Strategy and a Personalized Digital Experience

As a marketer, the focus on engagement and shift to a more connected, digital experience is incredibly interesting to me. Not long ago, the online experience was fairly simple – you had a website, and you pointed your customers to that site. Your static content was adequate at the time. Fast forward to 2014… what […]

Sitecore And Designing The Words

I read a blog post written by Sam Wright titled “Designing The Words: Why Copy Is A Design Issue”. The article touches upon the importance of content and the need for content to be included in the overall design process. Much of the post talks about the importance of writing and copy. What really caught […]