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Advantages of Datorama

Digital Intelligence and the Role of Data in Personalization

Welcome to 2019 where things take an interesting turn, or, materialize as predicated for so long. In a data-driven environment, it is no surprise that this year Information Executives (CIO, CDO, CTO, CAO) focus on the following topics according to IDG, Gartner, CIO, and Forrester: Trying to figure out ways to increase IT Budget to […]

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What You Need to Know About Digital Intelligence

One big focus of Digital Transformation is getting the customer experience right. As we’ve talked about, the customer experience is not just about visits to your website, but also includes interactions with your marketing emails, the in-store experience, how your customer service representatives interact and so on.  We talk about understanding the customer journey across all […]

Optimize the Customer Experience with Digital Intelligence

  At IBM Amplify, James McCormick, a Principal Analyst at Forrester discussed how to use Digital Intelligence to optimize your customer experiences. First, James defined what is Digital intelligence – its just digital analytics, which is really just web analytics. The age of the customer is upon us, brought on by the winds of digital […]